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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

What should I pay attention to when interviewing an electrical technician

What should I pay attention to when interviewing an electrical technician

Firmly believe that: a hard work, a harvest, overcome many difficulties, carry forward their own advantages, consolidate the foundation, make great achievements, make progress day by day, and take a step closer.

Responsibilities of electrical technician

Assist the station master, take charge of the work, complete the work designated by the station master, and perform the duties of the station master in the absence of the station master.

Responsibilities of special Engineer (technician)

The special engineer of the substation is the technical director of the whole station.

Supervise and inspect the implementation of on-site rules and regulations, participate in the supervision and control of large-scale power outage and complex operations, and organize to deal with technical problems.

Supervise and urge the implementation of repair and test plan, master the operation status of equipment, and organize and complete equipment evaluation.

Be responsible for the collection, sorting and management of technical data of various equipment in the station, and establish and improve technical files and equipment accounts.

Organize the preparation and modification of on-site operation procedures.

Prepare the training plan of the station and complete the technical training and assessment of the personnel on duty of the station.

Formulate and supervise the implementation of organizational and technical measures to ensure safety.

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