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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What do you do after graduation in marine engineering technology and marine electrical technology?

What do you do after graduation in marine engineering technology and marine electrical technology?

Detailed ha.

I studied human resource management, but I'm not interested. I want to enter the shipbuilding industry. I don't know if it's OK. I checked a lot of information on the Internet, and finally lingered in the two majors of "marine engineering technology" and "marine electrical technology". I want to find out what they do after graduation

Eyesight is not the main problem. There are people with more than 500 degrees in our class (I'm a student of marine engineering in Shandong Jiaotong University). I'll talk about marine engineering technology. This major has two directions: management and maintenance, but the employment and post employment treatment are very good, and the shipbuilding industry has just been listed as one of the top ten revival industries, Therefore, there is no need to worry about employment in the next few years. After graduating from marine engineering technology, you can choose to go to sea with the ship or go to the shipyard. It is unlikely to enter the maritime safety administration. You can also enter the research institute after postgraduate entrance examination... After graduating from marine electrical technology, you mainly work in shipyards, docks and ports. The treatment is not as high as that at sea, but you can afford your family, Take the postgraduate entrance examination and stay with your family (especially your wife, ha ha)

"Marine engineering technology" can be used as a three tube wheel on board

"Ship electrical technology" can be an electrician on board

In addition: both majors can go to the shipyard. Myopia surgery does not affect

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