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Friday, July 2, 2021

What are the responsibilities of electrical technician?

What are the responsibilities of electrical technician?

Responsibilities of Electrical Technician:

1. Assist the stationmaster to work, take charge of the work, complete the work assigned by the stationmaster, and perform the duties of the stationmaster in his absence.

2. Responsibilities of special Engineer (technician)

3. The substation engineer is the technical director of the whole station.

4. Supervise and inspect the implementation of on-site rules and regulations, participate in the supervision and control of large-scale power failure and complex operation, and organize the handling of technical problems.

5. Supervise the implementation of the repair and test plan, master the operation status of the equipment, and organize and complete the equipment evaluation.

6. Responsible for the collection, arrangement and management of various equipment technical data in the station, and establish and improve the technical files and equipment accounts.

7. Responsible for organizing the compilation and modification of site operation procedures.

8. Prepare the training plan of the station and complete the technical training and assessment of the personnel on duty.

9. Formulate organizational and technical measures to ensure safety, and supervise the implementation.

Responsibilities of Electrical Technician:

1. Under the leadership of the team leader, be responsible for the management of production, safety, technology and equipment.

2. Responsible for the implementation of the superior production, safety technical standards, work standards and management standards and rules and regulations.

3. According to the production comprehensive operation plan issued by the company, prepare the construction organization design and the operation instruction of the team, and organize the implementation.

4. Adhere to the idea of safety first, use the viewpoint and method of total quality management to complete the production and construction plan according to the standard.

5. Assist the leader in charge to be responsible for the organization, coordination and on-site command of the construction tasks undertaken by the team, ensure that the maintenance tasks are completed on schedule with quality, quantity and safety according to the requirements of the superior, and ensure the completion of construction site, material cleaning, site cleaning and safe and civilized production.

6. Be responsible for organizing the culture, technology learning and technical drill of each production team, improving the technical quality of the staff, and making the staff reach the specified technical standards.

7. Responsible for technical innovation, rationalization proposal activities, so that employees establish the concept of efficiency, increase production and save, increase revenue and reduce expenditure. 8. Be responsible for the inspection and assessment of the basic management work such as the safety, quality and standardization level of the management team and post, so as to achieve strict rewards and punishments.

9. Participate in the design review of the expansion project of the team to ensure that the above work must meet the safety technical standards.

10. Participate in the formulation and revision of management standards and safety technical operation procedures related to safety production of the team.

11. Assist the team leader to implement the regulations and instructions of the superior, and supervise and inspect the implementation, so as to ensure accuracy, conscientiousness and truthfulness.

12. Assist team leaders to implement various safety measures to achieve timely and effective.

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