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Monday, July 5, 2021

How about marine electrical technology

How about marine electrical technology

Ship electrical is still good, shipyard is now in short supply of talents in this area.

1. The ship power company can get on the ship, which depends on the arrangement of the company where you are employed. Some companies have to get on the ship power company, and the salary is very good. However, in the actual crew establishment, there are only marine engineers and pilots, and there is no ship electricity. The ship electricity is generally called electrical engineer on board. From the perspective of future development, ship electricity will be replaced by marine engineers.

2. If you learn your major well, you can get employment anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you are on board or on land, but the electricity is interlinked, so it will be more extensive.

3. All right. It depends on your interest and ability. In terms of work options, I think that on land, the employment scope of ship power may be wider. After all, there are more electricity types, and ship engineering is too professional. It's hard to find a job on land. So I suggest you choose electricity. Salary, working environment here is unlikely to have a clear answer, it depends on your place of employment and unit, the difference is very big. The geographical gap between the north and the south, the gap between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are very big. As far as Jiangsu and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are concerned, the treatment is OK. In addition, the salary of the crew is much higher than that of the land work, but they have to drift outside for a long time. The working environment is single and they are separated from their families and society. You have to be prepared, and the character and mentality are very important.

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