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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Electrical technology exchange

Electrical technology exchange

I have a set of simple equipment, a leakage air switch with 10 small switches, each with a motor under the small switch, now close the switch, all motors work together for a period of time to jump, time is uncertain, sometimes 3, 2 minutes, sometimes half an hour, shake with a megger, no abnormality is found, use the meter... To expand

1. Check whether the switch is overloaded. Generally speaking, the motor equipment should have 30-50% margin.

2. The ground wires of 10 small switches are connected by meter. But it can't be mixed, it must be one-to-one correspondence between input and output.

3. Check whether the switch is heated during the operation of the equipment, which will cause the air switch to trip.

4. Click, and the motor will jam in operation, which will lead to a sharp rise in current and may also cause tripping

I hope the above points will help you!!

I think the problem lies in your leakage air switch. Because the rated index can't meet the requirement of 10 small motors, it causes tripping. I encountered this kind of problem in the laboratory of my school~ It's probably like this~

However, the fourth middle school on the first floor may also be under consideration~

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