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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Comparison between applied electronic technology and electrical technology education?

Comparison between applied electronic technology and electrical technology education?

Students majoring in Applied Electronic Technology in Vocational and technical universities can enter companies and engage in educational work. It is best to enter enterprises and engage in the profession of teachers. You may think I'm talking nonsense, but that's the truth.

It's a bad policy to enter the company to engage in sales, because the salesperson doesn't need to know much about the specialty, just the "fur", which mainly needs the specialty of sales. In addition, the sales work is hard and the mental pressure is great, especially in private enterprises. It is preferred to be a state-owned company with high credibility, enterprises with potential for development and products with independent intellectual property rights.

Entering the enterprise is not only beneficial to give full play to your strengths, but also lays a good foundation for you to improve your professional skills and technical level. However, the risk of enterprises is relatively large. Private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises are not the best choice. They are still the first choice to enter state-owned enterprises.

Being a teacher is the safest choice. You can no longer worry about your career and work more stably at the same time. However, to enter this industry, you also need to participate in the recruitment examination of public institutions, otherwise you are a temporary worker without staffing, and there is no guarantee.

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