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Thursday, July 29, 2021

College education, electrical automation technology, future employment prospects?, Don't talk nonsense,

College education, electrical automation technology, future employment prospects?, Don't talk nonsense,

Development prospect of electrical automation employment:

First, it belongs to the information industry. The information industry is known as the "sunrise industry". It is the trend of today's scientific and technological development with rapid development, more talents and high treatment. Therefore, as an important member of the information industry, automation specialty also has a bright future.

Second, automation has a wide range of applications. At present, almost all industrial departments can be linked with automatic control, and modern agriculture and national defense are also closely related to automation.

Third, this major is very beneficial to personal development. The curriculum of this major covers a wide range, and the things learned intersect with other disciplines. This is also related to the origin of this major. Most of the automation major comes from the automatic control major of the Department of computer or electronic engineering.

With the continuous development of China's economy and modern industry, the talent market in electrical automation technology has considerable potential. Especially in Guangdong, the continuous improvement of automation production technology, the continuous popularization of automation products, the application of intelligent buildings and smart homes, and the continuous development of intelligent transportation provide broad development prospects for the major of electrical automation technology.

The salary of newly graduated students is generally not high, and the salary and benefits vary according to specific majors and workplaces. The electrical industry attaches great importance to work experience, so graduates will work hard at the beginning, but with the growth of work experience, the treatment will gradually improve. Generally speaking, the salary of power electronics graduates is basically maintained at about 4000 yuan / month, and some may be 5000 yuan / month; The average salary of electrical engineering graduates is 3000 ~ 4000 yuan / month; If graduates of high voltage and power system can enter Zhongguang nuclear power, their monthly salary may be as high as 10000 yuan. If they enter the power grid company, their salary can reach this figure after working for several years.

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