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Thursday, June 24, 2021

What does electrical automation technology do

What does electrical automation technology do

Electrical automation technology is mainly engaged in system operation, power electronic technology, information processing, research and development, economic management and application of electronic and computer technology related to electrical engineering. Electrical automation is widely used in factories. It can be said that electrical automation is the only thing that cannot be lacked in factories, and it is the pillar of factories! If you are proficient in electrical automation, the employer will ask you immediately. No matter what unit you are, it's better to be an electronic factory, because the electronic factory uses automation, programming and design every day. If you attach great importance to the requirements of working conditions. The best is the electric power bureau. Good welfare and high pay. Then there is the Design Institute, the work is relatively easy. The hardest part is the Engineering Bureau. Because we have to go around with the project site. But wages are not low. But also to automation, electronics and other directions.

The students of this major should have the engineering technology foundation and certain professional knowledge in a wide range of fields, such as electrical technology, electronic technology, control theory, automatic detection and instrumentation, information processing, system engineering, computer technology and application, network technology, etc Senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in system analysis, system design, system operation, scientific and Technological Development and research in the fields of electronic and computer technology, information processing, management and decision-making.

Professional core courses and main practice links: Electrician foundation, electronic technology, motor driving foundation, power electronics technology, factory power supply technology, factory electrical control technology, automatic control system, single chip microcomputer and interface technology, PLC technology application, detection technology, computer control technology, metalworking practice, electrician practice, power electronics technology course design Electrical control course design, graduation practice (Design), as well as the main characteristic courses and practice of each school.

Key courses: circuit principle, electronic technology foundation, computer software technology foundation, process engineering foundation, motor and electric drive foundation, motor and electric drive automatic control technology, principle and application of single chip microcomputer, power electronic technology, automatic control theory, signal and system analysis, process detection and instrumentation, operations research, computer simulation, computer network Process control, motion control, system identification foundation, computer control system, introduction to system engineering, complex variable function and integral transformation, introduction to automation, principle and design of embedded system.

Experimental courses: students of this major can carry out integrated teaching in the electrician experimental training room, electronic technology experimental training room, motor and drag training room, industrial detection technology training room, programmable controller training room, single chip microcomputer technology training room, process control technology training room and power automation and relay protection training room. The college has training workshop, students can carry out electrical comprehensive training. Students of this major have graduation practice and post practice in two off campus training bases.

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