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Monday, June 21, 2021

Introduction of Electrical Technology Application Specialty

Introduction of Electrical Technology Application Specialty

Electrical Technology Application Major (referred to as "electrician" major) is one of the key construction majors of the University. Professional teachers are strong, professional teachers have rich practical experience, practice and training facilities are complete, both simulation plc machine room and productive practice, which can meet the needs of students' hands-on operation.

1、 Training objectives

This major cultivates intermediate and primary high-quality technical personnel with all-round development of morality, intelligence, sports and beauty, with necessary theoretical knowledge and professional ability to engage in indoor circuit design and installation, factory electrical technology or electronic equipment, and to engage in the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and production of electrical control equipment or electronic equipment and electrical appliances.

2、 Employment direction

1. It is suitable for indoor electric circuit design and installation.

2. Factory electrician (electrical maintenance, electrical installation).

3. Electrical sales and other related industries.

3、 The main courses are as follows:

1. Public basic courses (computer application, etc.) 2. Electrical instrument and measurement, electrical skills 3. CAD circuit drawing 4. Professional qualification certificate for electrical circuit of machine tool: Electrician operation certificate, intermediate electrician grade certificate

4、 Practice and training facilities

The practice and training operation implements the "four ones" training concept and the "2 + 1" training mode.

The four ones are as follows

Install a qualified distribution box.

Construct a standard power supply line.

Repair the circuit fault of a machine tool (CA6140).

Get an electrician certificate.

2 + 1 mode: two years of study in school and one year of internship.

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